136 – Peter Clarke – The Philosophy of Poker


Whether you’re a seasoned player or just getting started, your biggest leaks at the table come from emotional decision making.

Do you bring awareness and intention to every hand? Or do you make automatic plays based on your subconscious habits?

Know the science. Know the numbers. Balance with logic. And catch yourself before you punt off your stack again!

Your emotional leaks could be holding you back and costing your bankroll over time…

In this episode, Peter Clarke, long-time online cash game coach and author of Poker Therapy, shares how he stays ahead of the game—by taking a philosophical and rational approach to solver GTO strategy. Click play to learn more!

Time Stamped Show Notes:

[00:00:33] Welcome to this episode with guest Peter Clarke

  • [00:01:34] Getting his start in the professional poker life…
  • [00:03:34] Peter realizes he enjoys coaching more than grinding!

[00:06:18] Staying ahead of the ever-evolving game…

  • [00:08:37] What are GTO solvers? And why are they useful for players?
  • [00:12:02] Dismantling and reconstructing poor table habits…
  • [00:15:57] Insufficient reasoning for decisions is a huge leak for poker players

[00:18:28] Peter on his mindset book Poker Therapy

  • [00:21:52] How to break the habit of poor plays…
  • [00:26:25] A new book on the horizon for Peter…

[00:29:29] Where can you find out more about Peter and Poker Therapy?

[00:30:31] Wrap-up—thanks for checking out this episode with Peter Clarke!

3 Key Points

  1. What does it take to keep an edge in today’s game? Understand the math behind the game and make clear-cut rational decisions. Use GTO strategy as your guiding light.
  2. Successful players compare their choices in each hand to select the most +EV option. Study hard and bring awareness to your hands so that you can catch yourself on autopilot!
  3. Poker is a high-pressure environment that triggers survival instinct—how is your mind programmed to handle the stress? First, spot your leaks at the table. Then, your goal is to interrupt them in the key moment before they occur.


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