2021-Revival of Poker Boom

The pandemic was a gloomy stagnant phase for many industries around the world. The induced lockdowns made the industries shut down. The Olympics were closed and punters had nothing to wager on. The gambling activities especially sports betting had a pause. But there was one thing that survived during the toughest phase. It was online poker that existed and thrived during this period. As there was an increased time at home and a lack of activities so people availed themselves of online poker to the fullest. Do you think 2021 will revive the poker boom period? Let us discuss.

Since sports betting went slow so the online operators did online poker marketing that became popular among people. The number of people entering the poker industry doubles as compared to the pre-pandemic phase. Online poker reinvigorated during the pandemic with the old and the new players that rushed into the game and started depositing in the poker accounts. There was a massive increase in the poker activity levels. The account deposits raised by 50% and these levels never returned to the pre-pandemic period.

Online poker was already in use by many people across the globe but such a hype only occurred during the pandemic. Poker has been a hot favorite for many but with time people lost their interests and the new generations shifted to online poker. However, some states are in doubt when it comes to the legalization of online poker. The online poker in Illinois had an unclear image to many people. But people have been playing because it has neither been declared legal nor illegal as well. No one will put you in prison for playing it. Moreover, this year would mark the significant implementations for the proper legalization of online poker in such states.

The Long term Outlooks.

One more change that has been noticed is the digital trend shift. The pandemic was all about lockdowns and social distancing. People shifted from cash to digital money payments because they proved to be a rescue for the people. Therefore, after the reopening of the casinos with proper distancing, the methods of payments are digital. This digital trend would give more hype to online poker. The continued rollout of 5G, Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR) are just some of the developments that will enable online operators to offer a significantly upgraded online poker experience.

Even if things have returned to normal to some extent but still people prefer digital ways because they believe they are more secure and avoid health issues. This has led to the poker boom period that was around 2003. At that time poker was everywhere on every channel. Media used to cover poker daily and the celebrities were into the poker games. They used to advertise and play themselves. People were on the poker tables no matter what. Even if they were not aware of the rules but still, they continued playing. This period can be predicted in 2021 that can be blooming for the poker games.

Even the 5G rollout in the near terms means that online poker games will be clearer in the terms of quality. The technological advancements in this year would make a paradigm shift. This shift would be all digital and online. Recently, the world has started opting for digital options and China has sent an example for it by launching the Chinese digital Yuan. The world in the upcoming years would be digitalized. That means that operators should work more on the resurgence of online poker because it will be the future now.

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