3 Ways To Fall In Love With Poker Again

There’s always points in someone’s life where they feel like they don’t have the motivation to do something. The same can happen with poker players. For those of you who’s income depends on the game to a limit, there can be times where you don’t have the right motivation to play, you’re not having fun or maybe you simply cannot put in enough hours at the table.

At times like these, it makes a lot of sense to stop thinking about poker for a bit and just enjoy everything else life has to offer. It can be a number of things, like going out with your friends, enjoying dinner with your partner, diving into another one of your hobbies, or one of plenty other options. If you want to keep your thoughts focused on poker, there are still plenty of ways to take a mental break just to try and look at the game from a different angle. Instead of memorizing new ranges or putting in a usual grinding session, try something different that’s still plenty poker-related, and perhaps you’ll fall in love with the game once again.

Read A New Book

When was the last time you read a poker book that wasn’t about poker strategy? Nowadays there’s plenty of media content that you can view online but a good old poker can be a very satisfying experience. Firstly, holding a book is much more relaxing than looking at a screen for long hours. There are a lot of books that you can find to order online that talk about the lives of professional poker players rather than just their thoughts and strategies behind their game!

For example, you can grab the autobiography of a famous player and enjoy learning about his/her journey in the poker world. Case in point is Eli Elezra’s book “Pulling the Trigger”, in which you’ll read about his progression from childhood to crushing the highest stakes games, and realize along the way that there’s plenty happening behind the scenes that we don’t necessarily get to see on TV.

Watch A Poker Movie

Watching movies about poker can be a great way to take your mind off reality. While I am sure everyone reading this knows movies like “Rounders” with plenty of Teddy KGB quotes floating around the internet, there are of course many more excellent poker movies to watch. There are honestly a lot of movies about poker! This makes it perfect because there’s something for everyone to see! Here is a list of the best poker movies.

So, the next time when you don’t feel like playing the game but still want to do something poker related, just grab yourself a drink and treat yourself to a poker movie!

Head Back To Your Favourite Poker Forum/Website

There are a lot of poker related forums online that can be really very valuable to new players and people who want to talk and learn more about poker and the industry. Forums can be a great place to not only get but also discuss the latest news in the industry. Every little news, information from anywhere in the poker world becomes available instantly on these forums and can be very resourceful.

While forums might not be the best place to learn poker strategy, you can have a great time perusing them while catching up on the news or chatting with other poker players. As you can see there are many options available when you want to take a small step aside from the game. Over time many players face such instances but it’s always important to keep the game fun. If you do want to return to the tables for years to come!


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