80% of Players Won’t Visits Casinos This Year

A survey of over 4,000 casino players in America and Great Britain has found that eight of every ten are very concerned about their safety when it comes to visiting casinos and other attractions.

Specifically, over 50% of the gamblers in the group stated that technology will play a major role in their decision to visit again, and that nearly 30% will only patronize casinos that have a no-contact experience available.

It wasn’t just casinos, however, as the concerns also extended to things such as theme parks and resorts, as well as other public attractions. Those surveyed stated that that they will also not visit those sorts of public places while the Covid-19 pandemic was active.

The concerns most noted by participants in the survey included navigating large crowds, not being able to remain at a safe social distance, and the belief that most placed would focus more on generating revenue than visitor safety.

You can read more about that the casino players survey at Yogo Net.

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