After Lee won his $1 million lottery jackpot with our System we solved his next problem


Lee emailed me a while back. He’s one of our $1 Million winners, and he has written to me from time to time with some really enjoyable emails… he’s a nice guy and a good writer.

That’s his testimonial below. (It’s real, but the photo is posed by an actor to keep Lee’s anonymity).


This time he wanted advice on how to break out of his current low winning streak.

He hasn’t been getting the results he wants – and to get another million-dollar win.

As we emailed back and forward, I discovered the problem.

Lee was chopping and changing.

When his numbers weren’t getting the wins he wanted, he changed them. This is not how the System is meant to be used, but he is not alone in doing this.

In fact, when I’m asked for my Free Coaching advice by players and I check their play strategy, this is the biggest error they make.

The solution is to stick with the same numbers every game.

Here’s the issue.

When their win rate is low, many players look for other ways to make the System perform better.

There are all kinds of things you think might work, but sadly there are not many areas I haven’t looked at. The System is as good as it can get, and there’s not much left to improve.

The next thing you should do to ramp up your winning rate is to get a set of PRO Custom Profiles.

This once-only purchase allows you to play every and any game you want.

You don’t have to wait for a green YES in LottoPredict which may take weeks to appear. But remember this too.

The System, LottoPredict, and PRO combined together are fantastic tools for winning.

But you must follow my instructions to the letter to make them work.

Keep playing, and stay positive. And don’t blow the housekeeping. Enjoy the expectation of a big win and hang in there… it’s just a matter of time.

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