Arsenii Malinov Topples Seth Davies to Profit Super MILLION$ for $661,743

Wearing down the Action:

  • Seth Davies Leads the Final Table
  • Short Stacks opt for Death or Glory
  • Koon and Eibinger Bite the Dust
  • The increase of Fall of ‘REPTAR’
  • Malinov Claims the Title

The latest GGPoker Super MILLION$ final dining table has brought place online, with a few of the finest poker players from around the world collecting to battle it down for the name. It had been Russian pro Arsenii Malinov whom finished your day once the champion, netting the huge $661,743 prize that is top

This week saw GGPoker up the ante, or rather the guarantee as there was a massive $2.5 million up for grabs, but who else walked away with massive sums that are six-figure a reward for his or her efforts? Let’s take a peek straight back during the action from

Seth was felt by the online Davies Leads the table( that is final the ultimate prizepool totalling $2.85 million, Seth Davies had currently made two last tables within the Super MILLION$ events up to now as he played their means into a lead in the back nine. Having currently cashed for over $237,000 up to now within the popular roller that is high series, which costs $10,300 to play, Davies was looking to seal the deal for the first time, but would ultimately fall agonizingly short.This is how the final nine players went into the action, with Seth Davies holding a slim lead over Pokercode

co-founder Matthias Eibinger at the top of the leaderboard. Position Player Country
Chips1 st Seth Davies Canada
2,233,2022 nd Matthias Eibinger Austria
2,146,5023 rd Arsenii Malinov Russia
1,874,8374 th Aleks Ponakovs Latvia
1,739,1355 th Joao Vieira Portugal
1,294,4846 th Jason Koon U.S.A.
916,5667 th David Coleman U.S.A.
554,7168 th ‘REPTAR’ Germany
428,1189 th Daniel Dvoress Canada


Short Stacks Go for Death or Glory

Canadian pro Daniel Dvoress came into play with just five big blinds and he got those into the middle pretty quickly. Pushing all-in with pocket fives, Dvoress ran into Arsenii Malinov’s ace-king of spades, which hit runner-runner to flush out the pro that is popular ninth destination for $74,821. Today’s profit that is five-figure paltry by comparison to the Canadian’s $6 million total winnings on the poker site, including a $1.5 million WSOP bracelet win when he took down the Millionaire Maker last summer.

Dvoress will be inspiring players in his homeland to search for the best sites to play online poker in Canada, but he crashed and burned early and he was shortly followed by another name that is big. David Coleman moved all-in for just seven big blinds with an ace-four that is off-suit was punished when Portuguese player Joao Vieira called it off with ace-ten of clubs. There was a four and a ten on the flop, but no more drama came on the board and Coleman was doomed to defeat.

Koon and Eibinger Bite the Dust

With true stars of the game assembled and just seven players remaining, plenty of egos were on the relative line combined with the cash. Close to breasts was partypoker Team professional Jason Koon, whom made a bet that is small ace-queen off-suit only to see German player ‘REPTAR’ move all-in with pocket nines. Koon called it off and the two players saw a nine on the river confirm the American’s exit, albeit with him becoming the player that is first money for six numbers, making a $129,030 rating for their $10,300 investment.

Austrian player Matthias Eibinger had built a collection of over two million potato chips ahead of the begin of play, but he saw their hopes of triumph get up in smoke as he fired big on a draw that is flush. On a flop that is nine-high two hearts, Eibinger moved all-in with king-ten of hearts. Two over-cards as well as the draw that is flush behind his caller REPTAR’s hand, however, whose pocket jacks managed to remain ahead through turn and river to reduce the field to five.

The Rise of Fall of ‘REPTAR’

It was REPTAR who again wielded the axe to turn the final five into a fab four, this time eliminating the Portuguese player Joao that is dangerous Vieira. Vieira had simply over 20 blinds that are big he moved in from the button with ace-six of diamonds. REPTAR was never going to fold with ace-queen off-suit in the blind that is big the ace-high board with just one diamond did absolutely nothing to show him incorrect to make the decision.

With four players, kept, REPTAR’s 5.5 million stack had been looming big on the other three, with Arsenii Malinov (2.7 m), Seth Davies (1.6m) and Aleks Ponakovs (1.3m) all fighting to help make the heads-up as a priority. Regardless of this superiority, REPTAR plummeted in a few fingers that saw him all-in and needing a ace that is rivered catch when he was all-in and at risk with ace-ten against new chip leader Arsenii Malinov’s pocket sevens to survive.

Malinov Claims the Title

Estonian Aleks Ponakovs was the player that is next leave, not able to duplicate the type of against-the-odds triumph that saw qualifier Ottomar Ladva overcome Justin Bonomo within the present partypoker MILLIONS on line Super High Roller occasion. Having formerly completed as runner-up, Ponakovs saw their stack dwindle down to just six blinds that are big moved all-in with ace-three off-suit, called and eliminated by Russian pro Arsenii Malinov, whose eight-six found an eight on the flop and survived turn and river to send play three-handed.

Malinov was building a stack that is massive could manage to settle-back and luxuriate in the following removal instantly leader Seth Davies took care of REPTAR. The German moved all-in with ace-queen but Davies had pocket kings and even though a queen was hit by the German, Davies’ kings held to heads into heads-up on 5.2 million chips to Malinov’s 6 million.

It may not have had the hype of the forthcoming Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth showdown on PokerGO, but Malinov and Davies was a short but heads-up that is brilliant view play down. Davies made moves that are several but each time saw his opponent exert a degree of control, both pre-flop and post-flop. Both men played well, but Malinov would not be denied.Malinov put the momentum of the hour that is previous good usage, maintaining the force until Davies fundamentally moved all-in with ace-nine off-suit. Malinov had the call that is simplest in the poker world with ace-king of diamonds and made the call to see a king and

nine land on the flop for a little sweat for the online railbirds, who filled the GGPoker YouTube chatbox with encouragement for their favourites.

A deuce on the turn and another on the river ended the tournament in the Russian’s favour and gave Malinov a victory that is famous he overcame the chip frontrunner from the beginning of play to reign supreme.GGPoker Super MILLION$ March 2nd

Final Table Results: Place Player Country
Prize 1st Arsenii Malinov Russia
$661,743 2nd Seth Davies Canada
$503,914 3rd ‘REPTAR’ Germany
$383,728 4th Aleks Ponakovs Latvia
$292,207 5th Joao Vieira Portugal
$222,514 6th Matthias Eibinger Austria
$169,443 7th Jason Koon U.S.A.
$129,030 8th David Coleman U.S.A.
$98,256 9th Daniel Dvoress Canada


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