Aware Gaming Unveils Bettor secure, an on-line Gambling Education Tool

Among the facets tamping down the appropriate United States on the web gambling industry are customer awareness and conflation between state-licensed gambling that is online and unlicensed offshore betting sites. A initiative that is new this week by aware Gaming called Bettor secure seeks to treat the problem.

Bettor Secure piggybacks on aware Gaming’s other efforts into the gaming that is responsible, including its multi-state self-exclusion tool PlayPause.

According to a press release, Bettor Safe is “a national campaign to educate consumers about the risks of betting on illegal websites and the benefits of legal and regulated gaming options if they choose to wager.”

Along with a national hub, Bettor Safe kicked-off with two state-specific campaigns, Bettor Safe New Jersey andBettor Safe Pennsylvania, with plans to launch other state-specific sites in the future. The campaign will also feature media that are national and locally concentrated adverts into the two on the web gambling states it targets, Pennsylvania and Nj-new Jersey.

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“Bettor Safe underscores aware Gaming’s dedication to customer security and security by directly educating people concerning the dangers of unregulated betting that is online” said Conscious Gaming VP of Corporate Social Responsibility & Communications, Seth Palansky. “This campaign comes at a moment that is pivotal US activities fans are gearing up for the NCAA baseball competition amid a pandemic that continues to push individuals on the web. Now inside your we ought to teach customers and equip all of them with the various tools in order to make more decisions that are informed online betting.”

A Deep Dive into Bettor Safe

The Bettor Safe website consolidates state that is numerous, laws, and information into an easy-to-find and, moreover, an easy-to-understand hub for prospective bettors can reference. Just what would typically just take hours of research can be accomplished in now seconds.

The Bettor Safe website houses everything from an map that is interactive where online gambling is appropriate and what types of gambling these states provide to listings of licensed betting sites to pictures associated with the state seals needed on legal on the web gambling web sites.

The website offers bullet points detailing the distinctions between licensed and overseas internet sites players should search for before they register a free account.

According to Bettor secure, appropriate operators will:

  • Pay away your winnings.
  • Protect your identification.
  • Promote accountable video gaming.
  • Be accountable to regulators.
  • Ensure Fair play through regulated and tested software.
  • Support state economies

Illegal operators can:

  • Rob you of your winnings.
  • Steal your identity.
  • Fuel problem gambling.
  • Offer zero accountability to consumers and regulators.
  • Stack the deck against consumers.
  • Deprive states of needed revenue.

It’s also important to note that Bettor Safe does prioritize operators n’t. The internet site contains zero affiliate links or suggestions about which internet sites are superior. Detailed internet sites are alphabetized without any preference that is particular

The Need for Consumer Awareness

Legal betting options are spreading across the US, but recent data from the American Gaming Association (AGA) suggests confusion is far from uncommon. The AGA research notes that “35% of individuals are unaware if online betting is legal in their states and many more, deceived by illegal operators, are wagering on unregulated sites.”

This as Conscious Gaming relays exact same shortage of understanding is observed in study outcomes carried out in Pennsylvania and brand new Jersey’s established markets by aware Gaming as well as in a survey that is recent the newly launched Michigan market conducted by Westwood One.

Bettor Safe’s goal is to address this misinformation “by providing easy-to-find, consumer-facing resources about legal online betting, with the Bettor Safe website serving as an educational hub.”

“The regulator community sees, firsthand, the risks that illegal gambling present to consumers and state governments. We cannot cede the established rules and safeguards of regulated internet gaming to websites that are offshore have actually zero accountability,” said the us Gaming Regulators Association (NAGRA) in a statement to get Bettor secure. “NAGRA is very happy to help Bettor secure and now we encourage all stakeholders to rally behind this campaign to coach customers and stamp out unregulated internet gambling.”(*)

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