Bet spreads and table minimum

I’ve just gotten into card counting, and I’m getting good at keeping the running count, but I’ve been getting confused with bet spreads. The formula I was using is

if true count > 1, bet (true count – 1)* betting unit If true count is =<= 1, bet table minimum

It was working fairly well, I wasn’t at a casino, just at my house with a set of poker chips and a 4 deck shoe, but I started looking into different bet spreads, and quickly got lost. I want to use a 1-8 bet spread, which, to my understanding is Tc 0: 1 betting unit Tc 1: 1 betting unit Tc 2: 2 betting units Tc 3: 4 betting units Tc 4+: 8 betting units

If that is the case, does my betting unit have to be the table minimum?

Am I missing what a 1-8 bet spread is? With my old strategy, I was using a table minimum of $1 (unrealistic, I know) and a betting unit of $5. Would that be viable in a casino if I multiples everything by 5 or 10 or something (table minimum of 5, betting unit of 25) is there some reason that would not work? Also, can you point me in the direction of where to find what a 1-8 bet spread is if I’m wrong? And does a betting unit have to be equal to the table minimum?

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