Bitcoin to Join Stocks and Bonds as Part of the Classic Balanced Portfolio

Ark Invest’s Cathie Wood spoke on CNBC’s “Closing Bell” Monday afternoon. She said she believes cryptocurrencies could stabilize and eventually behave like bonds.

Bitcoin began its climb again on Monday evening, up 5.6% to 53,528.80.

A 60-40 portfolio that’s split between stocks and bonds may look more like 60-20-20, Wood said. That is, 60% in equities, 20% in bonds and 20% in cryptocurrency.

“If you think about bonds from this level, this idea of a 60-40 balanced portfolio is a bit problematic,” Wood said. “We’ve been through a 40-year bull market in bonds. We would not be surprised to see this new asset class become a part of those percentages. Maybe 60 equity, 20, 20,” Wood said.

She also believes there is a correlation between the price of Bitcoin and real estate values.

“We think as it becomes a better accepted new asset class … We do think it will behave, actually, I would say more like the fixed income markets, believe it or not,” Wood said.

– Aaron Goldstein,

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