Bovada – Max bet abuse on bonus

Hi everyone,

Context: I just created an account at Bovada and deposited $130.5 to bet on UFC 259 last night. There is a 50% sports bonus, which gave me an additional $65.25 with a total of $195.75.

I then placed the whole amount on a parlay bet which I won, then placed the whole amount again on a main event fight and won again. My account is now $1,054.51.

The rollover requirement is 5x ($195.75 x 5 = $978.75), and I have $351.51 remaining to complete it.

Then I received an email from Bovada stating that they have found evidence of max bet abuse.

“After a review of your account, we have found evidence of Max Bet Abuse. As per our Bonus Terms and Conditions, it states:

11. Unless stated otherwise on the specific bonus landing pages, all bonuses have a max bet restriction relative to the deposit amount. Failure to adhere to this ‘max bet’ rule may result in account closure, forfeit of the Bonus and any winnings generated during the wagering of the Bonus.

Any wagers using deposited funds or bonus funds prior to bonus completion are subject to the following maximums:

Casino max bet per wager – 20% of deposited amount• Sports max bet per wager – 50% of deposited amount

Please note, should there be any further breach, your account will no longer be eligible for promotions or rewards points. Furthermore, your account may be subject to termination and seizure of funds.”

Question: Does this mean that I can only bet 50% of my original deposited amount or $65.25 ($130.5 x 50%) until I complete my rollover requirement? Or does this wording mean that I can bet 50% of my current account or $527.55 ($1054.51 x 50%). $65.25 is such a damn small amount; I want to bet larger amount but I don’t want to get banned

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