Chilly weather greets visitors to Plymouth Ice Festival

The Plymouth Ice Festival continues through Sunday in downtown Plymouth.

Below-freezing temperatures and Saturday snow help set the mood for the annual winter festival, a nice alternative to to last year’s event dampened by rain and warm weather.

This year’s festival is scaled down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but downtown Plymouth still features 65 ice-carving displays scattered in front of businesses to promote social-distancing.

Each of the carvings will be single block-size and there will be no live ice-carving competitions that usually feature multiple blocks of ice as one way to limit crowd gathering.

One of the highlights of this year’s festival is a bingo game hosted by the Plymouth Downtown Development Authority. Bingo cards can be found on the DDA website and participants can fill their cards by visiting local businesses during the weekend.

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Once a player gets a bingo — a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line filled — they can take a photo of their board and email it to [email protected] to enter in the contest drawing. Players can also win a grand prize if they accumulate the most stickers on their card.

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