El Alcoraz’s Russian roulette is won by Coudet

Crazy game in Huesca that the Coudet team took, which thanks to the victory he moves away from relegation. Those of Pacheta get into trouble and despite having come back first and having drawn later, Celta de Vigo danced to the sound of Iago Aspas and they were able to take from El Alcoraz three valuable points that make you dream of the top zone of the classification thanks to its quality and definition in the last meters.

Celta took advantage of a counter at the start of the game to open the scoring. A deep pass from Iago Aspas, who found Nolito’s unchecked and who he found Santi Mina totally unmarked, that easily surpassed Álvaro Fernández. The forward of the Galicians has dynamite and everything prepared by Pacheta throughout the week vanished with a stroke of the pen. Huesca tried to react to set pieces and Rafa Mir enjoyed the first clear, with a dead ball that the Murcian tried to burst, but that he found the Celta defense to clear for a corner.

The Alto Aragonese have grown a lot thanks to Pacheta’s strategy and thanks to the scoreboard from Burgos came the tie. A past corner found Maffeo on the other side, who put a millimeter pass to Siovas, who nodded to put the tables. A bit that raised the spirits of the locals and in a counterattack launched by a spectacular pass from Mikel Rico, Rafa Mir left behind the sky, to score a precious goal that turned the scoreboard when only 16 minutes had been played.

Coudet’s men demonstrated the enormous quality of their footballers in a play that Brais forced Álvaro to make a spectacular stop, but his reject arrived at Nolito which he adjusted to put the tables back on the scoreboard. Before the break came, again looking for the back of the Vigo defense, Ferreiro found Rafa Mir, who first ran into the side of the net. Already in the extension of the first half came a fortuitous coup between Insua and Rubén Blanco, in which the visiting goal was injured and had to be substituted.

At the beginning of the second part, those of Coudet took the lead again. In a corner Hugo Mallo he finished in a frank position to make the third for Celta. In the give and take that the game had become, the turn seemed to be Huesca’s, the turn went to Mikel Rico, but his shot just missed Villar’s goal. The Alto Aragonese wanted the tie and in a loose ball, Escriche He was the one who put the most desire and his subsequent auction was gone licking the stick. The third came the tie, in another corner Ferreiro left the ball to score the tie.

In Russian roulette, the turn came to Celta, who in his turn did not fail. Fran Beltrán found the prize with his shot. The people from Vigo were close to sentencing the game with two shots to the stick, first Augusto and then Hugo Mallo at the crossbar. In the last bars, Huesca sought a tie and had its chances, with a foul by Ontiveros and a corner in the added that the Vigo team took from the goal line. With no time for more, Celta took the victory in a crazy game that gives air to the Galicians and that move the Huesca people away once more from the permanent posts.

Pacheta: “We have been unstable”

“I don’t like this kind of game, it was a bit crazy. Until 3-3 we have been good and when we were going to make the changes they put the room in for us. It’s the same feeling from last week I don’t look at the classification. The game leaves me cold because there are things that need to be corrected. This team stands up. Celta have a great team and they are very precise. Today we have been unstable and I am responsible“.

Coudet: “For the viewer it was barbaric”

“We knew it was going to be very tough. They are strong in the passing game. It is a difficult field and adding a victory is very important because they had added everyone below. For the barbarian spectator, for me suffered. We continue with the same message, until we are saved we only think about the next game. We weren’t expecting a home and away game, we wanted to have managed the times. “


Ivan Villar (50 ‘, Rubén Blanco), Nestor Araújo (73 ‘, Brais), Javi Ontiveros (76 ‘, Dani Escriche), Ferreyra (78 ‘, Nolito), Augusto Solari (78 ‘, Santi Mina), Sergio Gomez (80 ‘, Insúa), Idrissa Doumbia (80 ‘, Mikel Rico), Shinji Okazaki (88 ‘, Javi Galán), Juan Carlos (88 ‘, Jaime Seoane)


0-1, 4 ‘: Santi Mina, 1-1, 13 ‘: Siovas, 2-1, 15 ‘: Rafa mir, 2-2, 36 ‘: Nolito, 2-3, 51 ‘: Hugo Mallo, 3-3, 73 ‘: Ferreiro, 3-4, 75 ‘: Fran Beltran


Referee: José Luis Munuera Montero
VAR Referee: Jorge Figueroa Vázquez
Hugo Mallo (56 ‘, Yellow) Ferreyra (87 ‘, Yellow

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