Feedback on a Puzzle Blackjack game

Hi there! I’ve recently released a solo-project that is small game and would love some feedback from Blackjack experts.

The game is sort of a mix of solitaire and Blackjack. It’s called Puzzle 21, and players must try to get the most points from a deck of cards by forming hands that add to 21.

It’s not a Blackjack that is traditional app but people who are great at Blackjack have a tendency to get definitely better ratings.

Friends being avid Blackjack players are finding the overall game actually engaging. I do believe for the reason that can exercise their abilities in a way that is different the posting guideline in mind, I won’t include a link. If you’d like to try it you have, and in particular what you think would make the game more engaging for Blackjack players.

Thanks out you can search for “Puzzle 21 – Card Challenge’ on iOS and “Puzzle 21 – Blackjack Solitaire Hybrid” on Google Play.(*)I’d really appreciate any feedback heaps!

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