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THE ART OF DEALING: Becoming a Master Casino Dealer

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(The Magazine Plus Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Feb 21, 2021 ( – Global Filipino entrepreneur and author, Lorie Deoleo releases her breakthrough new book, THE ART OF DEALING: BECOMING A MASTER CASINO DEALER alongside an official trailer for the book.

This book is Lorie’s labor of love, written solely to shape up and galvanize a better tomorrow for people who are willing to go the extra mile to transform their dreams into reality. Lorie overcame several barricades on her way to success. With this book, she aims to guide go-getters toward better job opportunities, help entrepreneurs break the frontiers and motivate every family to succeed over the trials of the world.

Deoleo Digital Publishing LLC:…/the-art-of-dealing-paperback-item.

The synopsis of the book says, “One day you could be in the Caribbean dealing blackjack and the next week you are spinning roulette wheels in the Mediterranean. As we know, casino dealers are entrusted with the important task of ensuring guests have a good time while playing and also to make every process go smoothly. If you like working with people, have a thing for adventure, and also know your way around some of the most common casino games such as blackjack, roulette, and poker, then you are the right candidate for the job.”

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THE ART OF DEALING, BECOMING A MASTER CASINO DEALER is available in English, Spanish, and Chinese. The eBook version can be found on Amazon, and Kindle and users will be delighted to know that this title is available in the Kindle Unlimited program at The paperback version can be purchased at Deoleo Digital Publishing LLC:…/the-art-of-dealing-paperback-item.

Lorie Deoleo is a very successful entrepreneur operating on a global scale. She hails from Paete Laguna, Philippines but has lived in the City of Angels for the past 16 years. She has witnessed the struggles that every family goes through in their search for a better future. Lorie decided to write this book so that a wider audience can learn from her experiences as a highly successful casino dealer and apply the same code of wining to their lives. You can check out the official trailer at [embedded content].

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