FL Pick4 Winner – 3/6/21 – Spent $28 WON $400 (14X ROI)

Lottery Family,

Last night, 3/6/21, I went to play the FL pick4 lottery game using numbers from my historical data tool. I arrived 15mins before the pick4 cutoff time (I tend to procrastinate). As my regular sales girl began generating the tickets, something “kinda horrifying” happened. THE TICKET DISPENSER RAN OUT OF PAPER! Damn (I quietly thought to myself)! Had I given myself more time (by arriving at least an hour prior to cutoff), she would have been able to print all of my tickets.

I cringingly watched how she searched […under the counter, at the customer betslip station, and even in the backroom] for another roll of paper. It seemed like she took forever to get another roll back on the dispenser. Soon after getting a new roll on she lamented, “Some of the tickets did not print because the system is not intelligent enough to remember where it left off”. ARRRGH (I thought to myself)! She was only able to print $28 worth of tickets. My regular spend is $50, but I asked her to run the betslips twice to increase my potential payout. Note: My historical data tool always generates a pair of permutations [Ex: 4089, 4098]. Meaning: I was going to spend $100 to double my WINS. I still doubled my WINS.

Here’s proof:

r/Lottery - FL Pick4 Winner - 3/6/21 - Spent $28 WON $400 (14X ROI)

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