Gambling Site: Purdue Has Nation's Most Difficult Football Schedule

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Crunching all sorts of data heading into the college football season, the website has determined that Purdue has the toughest strength of schedule in the country for 2020

Their proprietary formula ranks all 130 teams and has the Boilermakers at the very top. The formula is based upon their opponents’ efficiency ratings from last season minus the production lost from the 2019 team; recruiting rankings from the past four years, and major transfers added and lost. 

The formula is then adjusted for each game based upon home and road games. As a point of reference, the toughest possible schedule would score 693.1, making Purdue’s strength of schedle 37% of the hardest possible schedule, while second-ranked Georgia Tech’s is at 32%.

Not surprising, six of the 10 hardest schedules — and 10 of the top 19 — belong to teams in the Big Ten. 

The Big Ten plays nine conference games, while the ACC and SEC play only eight, affecting schedule strength. Purdue also has a difficult nonconference schedule with no guaranteed wins with games against teams like Memphis (12-2 a year ago), Air Force (11-2) and at Boston College (6-7).

Purdue also has tough crossover games inside the Big Ten against Michigan, 9-4 a year ago, and Indiana (8-5). 

Alabama and Ohio State, the two top-ranked teams in the country, have a nearly identical strength of schedule (Nos 14-15), while Clemson has the 61st easiest schedule.

Here’s a look at the 25 toughest and five easiest schedules in college football. For complete strength of schedule rankings for all 130 FCS Division 1 teams as well as conference rankings, CLICK HERE

1. Purdue (255.22)
2. Georgia Tech (223.97)
3. Michigan (211.92)
4. Nebraska (210.8)

5. Vanderbilt (195.22)
6. Iowa (190.39)
7. Michigan State (183.86)
8. Colorado (179.85)
9. South Carolina (179.19)
10. Wisconsin (170.24)
11. Arkansas (159.38)
12. Northwestern (139.78)
13. Houston (135.17)
14. Ohio State (133.95)
15. Alabama (133.05)
16. South Florida (132.41)
17. Indiana (129.67)
18. Kansas (129.51)
19. Maryland (128.16)
20. LSU (122.13)
21. West Virginia (116.39)
22. USC (115.12)
23. Notre Dame (113.13)
24. TCU (109.85)
25. Georgia (108.32)
* Big Ten teams in bold

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