Getting 86’d

Hey all, I was recently backed-off while playing at my local casino (HardRock Tampa, FL) and, the less than polite pit boss informed me that I was welcome to play any other game in the house other than blackjack. So, being an avid poker player as well, I decided to head downstairs to the poker room to try an get a seat at the NL holdem table. Waited 45 min (was kinda busy so I wasn’t too alarmed), sat down, played for Probably 30 minutes, and after we winning ~$700 at the poker table, I was formally 86’d from the property. My question to you is, why wouldn’t I have been 86’d straight off the blackjack table?? I mean it’s not like I’m any better at poker than the next guy, I just feel like they were looking for a reason to kick me out. Now I either have to go to a shitty little cardroom in the hood, or drive 1 hour to go to the Orlando location. If anyone has experienced anything similar please comment and let me know how you dealt with it.

**correction: the “Seminole Brighton casino in Okeechobee”- not Orlando (pardon me, I’ve never been out that way and mistakenly thought they had a HardRock- I have however been to this small location in glades county)

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