Health officials raise awareness of problem gambling

QUINCY (WGEM) — Local health officials said March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month and they want to raise awareness of an addiction they believe is overlooked.

Preferred Family Healthcare counselor Ashley Jackson said the coronavirus pandemic has only made the problem worse and made access to betting mechanisms easier.

She said the most common areas people fall susceptible to it is on their phones, at restaurants and at gas stations.

Jackson said if you’re not sure whether you or a loved one has a problem, some warning signs to look out for are hiding or hoarding money, an inability to explain where money is going or coming from or denial of misuse and abuse of money.

“When our old ways don’t work and we start to misuse and abuse finances that are intended for other purposes, that’s a prime time to seek treatment,” she said.

If you or someone you love needs help, Jackson said you can reach out to them at 217-224-6300.

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