How Does Goals Galore Bonus Work?

If you’re looking for a football accumulator that keeps you interested right up until the final whistle of your last match, then there’s nothing quite like a Goals Galore bet.

Goals Galore is a simple concept, in which both teams in every match in your acca must score for you to land your bet. It doesn’t matter whether they score in the first minute or the last, or what the match results are, providing all the teams score.

Such is the popularity of Golden Goals betting; some bookmakers have expanded their Goals galore markets to offer Golden Goals bonus markets and more Golden Goals markets.

What Is Goals Galore Betting?

Goals Galore betting is an alternative phrase for a both teams to score market which, as it suggests, is a bet in which both teams must score. You can often have singles in these types of markets, though Goals Galore is most associated with accas – normally called Goals Galore coupons.

Bookmakers tend to list a variety of matches and you can pick an agreed number of them at fixed odds, such as three matches at 3/1 in which both teams must score.

Typical odds for Goals Galore accas would be as follows: 3 Correct – 3/1, 4 Correct – 11/2, 5 Correct – 10/1, 6 Correct – 16/1, 7 Correct – 28/1, 8 Correct – 45/1, 9 Correct – 70/1, 10 Correct – 120/1, 11 Correct – 200/1, 12 Correct – 300/1

What’s Exciting About Goals Galore Bets?

Normal football accas can be as exciting as you combine many teams in an acca and have the potential to win a decent amount of cash for a small bet. The problem with normal football accas is that if one team is losing 2-0 at half-time, you know that you need a miracle if they’re to score three without reply in the second half.

It’s completely different with Goals Galore, as all you need that team to do is score in the second half to land your bet. It doesn’t matter if they come back to win 3-2 or lose 10-1, providing both teams score in each match. That’s why it’s a bet that plays right up to the final whistle, guaranteeing you 90-minutes (+ added time) of excitement. The only way you get less excitement is if you get your bet up for the final whistle – but that’s even better in our eyes.

The Goals Galore Bonus

Competition between bookmakers often leads to new and exciting ideas, and the Goals Galore bonus is one such idea. Goals Galore bonus coupons feature less matches than the average coupon and these matches are perceived to be harder to predict.

But the odds for landing a winning Goals Galore bonus coupon are more rewarding. Typical odds for a Goals Galore bonus coupon are as follows: 3 Correct – 9/2, 4 Correct – 9/1, 5 Correct – 16/1, 6 Correct – 28/1, 7 Correct – 50/1, 8 Correct – 100/1, 9 Correct – 175/1, 10 Correct – 300/1, 11 Correct – 500/1, 12 Correct – 800/1

If you’ve got what it takes to pick which of the Goals Galore bonus games, then you may want to play in this market. As you can see, picking 12 winners pays 800/1 rather than 300/1 in the normal Goals Galore market.

Other Goals Galore Markets

On the back of the popularity of the Goals Galore bonus markets, bookmakers have also created more Goals Galore markets, such as Goals Galore no draw, and Goals Galore 1st half.

The Goals Galore no draw market has two requirements, and you need to complete those requirements to land a winner. The first is that all the teams you pick on your Goals Galore no draw coupon must score. The second is that none of the matches that you have picked must end in a draw. We agree, that’s a big ask, but the rewards for landing such a bet are even more spectacular.

Typical odds for Goals Galore no draw accas would be as follows: 3 Correct – 20/1, 4 Correct – 55/1, 5 Correct – 150/1, 6 Correct – 425/1, 7 Correct – 1100/1, 8 Correct – 3250/1, 9 Correct – 9000/1, 10 Correct – 20000/1, 11 Correct – 35000/1, 12 Correct – 65000/1

You can also play in the Goals Galore 1st half market, in which you’re betting on every team in your Goals Galore acca scores in the first half. Odds-wise, this is an even bigger ask, but the returns for landing this bet can be sensational.

Typical odds for Goals Galore 1st half accas would be as follows: 3 Correct – 100/1, 4 Correct – 400/1, 5 Correct – 2000/1, 6 Correct – 8500/1, 7 Correct – 40000/1, 8 Correct – 175000/1

Should I Bet On Goals Galore Bonus Or Other Markets?

As we’ve already mentioned, Goals Galore coupons or accas offer you a fun way of betting on football as it’s a bet that plays right up until the final whistle. You can also play at shorts odds with just a few selections from the easy coupon or try and landing much bigger odds with more selections. You can even go for a lottery-style payout by trying to land some serious odds in one of the more difficult Goals Galore markets.

But while we know lots of punters that have landed Goals Galore bets, we don’t know anyone that has shown they can make long-term profits from betting on football by betting solely on Goals Galore markets. But we do know some great tipsters that bet on both teams to score singles as part of a profitable betting strategy.

We hope that’s answered your question, how does goals galore bonus work. Happy Punting!

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