How does MGM Casino say they payout 95% when I can rarely win my money back onna spin, let alone a once in a great while 5x my bet. If I throw $100 online and play $2 a pull, I would say within 100 pulls tops my money is gone. Isn’t that like 50%?? Is this normal.. I am in Michigan..

A 100 people put in $100, and one of them wins a $9,500 jackpot, everyone else loses everything. That’d be a 95% payout ratio. It’s not 95% RTP for every individual player.

Edit: Fixed the math on the jackpot. $100×100 = $10,000 in player cash in, $9,500 jackpot to 1 player = 95% payout. One too many “0”s originally.

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