How to Consistently Win at Baccarat!

The title of this baccarat guide is certainly one that is appealing because like all casino players, we want to win!

Of course, we know that the house edge is not set up to give the player the advantage and so instead we are left searching for systems that help us win as consistently as we can–as opposed to consistently losing because of bad practises!

In this guide we look at how to consistently win at baccarat. We do this by using common sense and making sensible betting decisions. Now if you are not yet familiar with Baccarat, then we would like to suggest reading our ‘Learn How to Play Baccarat Online Guide’ before reading this guide.

Here is a list of the key points we will cover:

Baccarat is as Simple as They Come!

While baccarat may look like a complex game, it really is not. We would go as far as saying that it is the easiest casino game to learn and understand. There are just 3 betting options, and you have no control over the outcome of the cards because there is already a system in place.

In addition to this, compared to other online casino games, baccarat is also much less complex. Below we make some comparisons with the ease of playing baccarat versus some of the most popular casino games available both at land-based casinos and at online casinos.

· Slots: Easy to understand, but lots of bonus features and symbols to understand. Each slot has different volatility and RTP, plus there are a variety of styles to get to grips with

· Si-Bo: This table game is like roulette except you use dice. It is an easy game to play but earns the right to be classed as more complex than baccarat because it has so many betting options

· Roulette: An amazingly simple game to play, but has numerous betting options to ponder which takes time to get used to, while it is also a highly volatile table game

· Craps: Also known as Snake Eyes in the US, Craps takes some getting used to. As far as complexity is concerned, it comes slap bang in the middle of roulette and blackjack

· Blackjack: Has many different rule variations and your RTP is affected by your decisions to hit, stand, split, or double down as well as the table variant you choose to play

· Poker: Most people know that poker is a mathematical game that takes both skill and luck to conquer, while baccarat is purely about luck

There are also easier casino games to play versus Baccarat such as Dragon Tiger, which is a dumbed down version of baccarat with the same betting options and is essentially a glorified version of Hi-Lo

Plus, we could also start down the path of wheel of fortune live game show titles such as Crazy Time and Mega Wheel, which there is a good debate as to whether even these simple games are slightly more complex than baccarat or at the very least on an even par.

Tactic 1: Avoid Continuous Tie Bets

When you look down at the payouts for any casino game, the one with the longest odds is always the bet that rarely comes in. The same goes for Baccarat’s tie bet.

Just in case you do not know what long odds are, they are odds that pay back a high amount.

· Long Odds: 8 to 1 (The distance between the 8 and the 1 is ‘long’)

· Short Odds: 2 to 1 (The distance between the 2 and the 1 is ‘short’)

The RTP for winning a tie bet depends on how many decks are in the shoe. Traditionally casinos tend to give away some RTP in Baccarat by using more decks. They do this because single deck baccarat games tend to work in favour of card counters.

That said, if you want to become a card counter playing baccarat, you need to be ‘Rain Man’ because compared to Blackjack card counting systems, baccarat card counting strategy is far-far-far more challenging. Notice we used the word ‘far’ 3 times just to make a point here!

Tie Bet House Edge & RTP According to Number of Decks

· 8-Deck Baccarat = 14.36% House Edge / 85.64% RTP

· 6-Deck Baccarat = 14.44% House Edge / 85.56% RTP

· 1-Deck Baccarat = 15.75% House Edge / 84.25% RTP

As you can see, this bet is not worth continuously betting because the house has a huge advantage over you. In short, the RTP is low compared to the ‘Banker’ and ‘Player’ bets which will find out below. Therefore, for this bet, you should either avoid it, or employ a strategy whereby you place bets on the possibility of a tie when a tie result has not happened for a while.

Tactic 2: Bet on The Banker Bet More Often Than the Player

Betting on the Banker bet is not a sure-fire way to win higher returns, but you will win more often. Honestly, it is always best to keep on switching between the 2 bets.

If you are playing online, then you will have extra statistics via a roadmap while Evolution live baccarat tables also give you an option to look at other player’s bets so you can get a feel for how others bet on baccarat. How much this helps is down to your betting habit or the system you use.

However, the long and the short of winning consistently at baccarat does come down to the ‘Banker Bet’ as it has a better RTP compared to the ‘Player’ bet. Albeit the difference is every so slight, and you should bear in mind that on all Baccarat tables, except the No Commission variant, there is 5% commission paid to the house for winning ‘Banker’ bets.

Banker’s Bet House Edge Vs RTP

· 8-Deck Baccarat = 1.06% House Edge / 98.94% RTP

· 6-Deck Baccarat = 1.06% House Edge / 98.94% RTP

· 1-Deck Baccarat = 1.01% House Edge / 98.99% RTP

Player’s Bet House Edge Vs RTP

· 8-Deck Baccarat = 1.24%% House Edge / 98.76% RTP

· 6-Deck Baccarat = 1.24% House Edge / 98.76% RTP

· 1-Deck Baccarat = 1.29% House Edge / 98.71% RTP

Although betting on the banker bet has a higher RTP in the long run, and the banker win outcome occurs more than the player win outcome (hence commission), using a switch strategy so you can cover both bets is still not out of the question. For example, if you see the history shows the ‘Banker’ bet has won often and the player bet start to win, do not feel afraid to switch bets for 5 to 10 hands, and then switch back to the banker bet.

By switching sides, you are making the game more interesting, but doing this is only a suggestion and is not guaranteed to help you win more consistently. As with all games of luck, sometimes you need to use your instincts and make the luck happen for you.

Tactic 3: Limit Your Side Bets

Like tie bets, side bets rarely pay off. Even though side bets do add some entertainment to play Baccarat, they are also there to make the house a profit from those that want to play them.

Here are a few baccarat side bets you may encounter:

  • Perfect Pairs = 13.03% House Edge / 86.97% RTP
  • Lucky Six = 16.68% House Edge / 83.32% RTP
  • Super 6 = 5.39% House Edge / 94.61% RTP
  • The Pairs Side Bet = 3.95% to 4.20% / 96.05% RTP to 95.8% RTP
  • Dragon Bonus Player bet = 2.65% House Edge / 97.35% RTP
  • Dragon Bonus Banker bet = 9.37% House Edge / 90.63% RTP

The side bets you see here are just a small sample of the number of baccarat side bets you will come across in different land-based casinos, gambling establishments, and in online or live casinos. The house will also vary ever so slightly when the house adds or deducts decks from the shoe.

All that being said, from the above figures, it is clear that side bets are heavily in favour of the house. As such, you will lose these bets more often than win, and so we can deduce that betting on these options will do the opposite to winning consistently at baccarat.

Using side bets should be treated the same as the tie bet. Limit your use and figure out the right time to place bets. For example, if a perfect pair has not made an appearance for 15 hands or no tie for 10 hands, then it may be worth betting on these options because probability suggests at some point this bet will come in

Tactic 4: Play at Baccarat Tables with a Low RTP

There are several variants of baccarat, but by and large, most of them have the same RTP. Yet, it still does not hurt to double check.

From the house edge and RTP lists in the sections above, it is hard to ignore that 6-deck and 8-deck baccarat tables are better than single-deck. Then 8-deck tables are only just slightly better than a 6-deck table because of the marginal improvement on its RTP.

Another noteworthy point to make is that Baccarat No Commission variants generally offer a lower RTP on the Banker win compared to tables on which you would pay the 5% commission. This is because if the banker wins with a hand total of 6, the play only receives 0.5-1 instead of 1-1 paid back on this particular bet. This brings the banker bet’s house edge up to 1.46% on a 6-deck to -deck table.

  • The more decks, the better the RTP
  • No Commission tables often have a lower ‘Banker’ RTP

Winning Baccarat Myths

Now to be absolutely clear, winning consistently, or more consistently, is all about choosing baccarat bets that will give you a payout more often. That is all there is to it. We are not talking about betting more chips. This guide is simply about which bet will see you get paid the most often.

Therefore, at this point, it is a good time to reinforce the above information by giving you a few myth busters, which is very similar to an FAQ in many respects.

· Baccarat Strategies will help you win more consistently: Most baccarat strategies are bet sizing systems. As such, the amount you bet while using your strategy will not make a difference how many times you will win. It only makes a difference to how much you win or lose. Whether you play the strategy or not, the outcome of a ‘Banker’ or ‘Player’ win will be the same.

· Play Baccarat No Commission: The way baccarat no commission hands play out are not different to regular baccarat. Only the amount of the payouts change for a 6 total ‘Banker’ win and there is no commission on ‘banker’ wins. The banker bet still wins more often than the ‘Player’ bet and so placing bets on the ‘banker’ results in more consistent wins.

· Keeping Bets on Banker or Player Short: Whether you bet 50 times or 10 times on the ‘player’, then switch to the ‘banker’ for an equal number of times will not affect win streaks as some strategy articles may claim. Baccarat is a completely random game, and each round is an independent event. That said, it still does not hurt to switch between the 2 bet types to spice up the fun of the game and maybe run into some extra wins for your intuition along the way.

· Play Multiple Tables: It is true that the more tables you play, the more consistently you may win, but just as easily the opposite is true. Playing 2 or 3 tables simultaneously is a good way to get through your baccarat hand variations, but it is not the answer to how to consistently win at baccarat.

· Play Dragon Tiger because its easier: Dragon Tiger is a basic version of baccarat. It is easier because there is only 1 card and it is effectively a game of hi-lo. Instead of ‘Banker’ and ‘Player’ bets there are ‘Dragon’ and ‘Tiger’ bets while there is also a ‘Tie’ bet. The dealer places 1 card to each hand, and the hand with the highest card wins – simple! Which hand wins more often than the other is completely random.

· Playing Speed Baccarat Helps You Win More Consistently: The myth here is because you are playing faster. Faster does not mean ‘more consistent’. Yes you will win more often, or even lose more often because speed baccarat is a fast-paced game

Summarising How to Consistently Win at Baccarat!

The key to winning consistently is all about avoiding the wrong bets and placing the right ones. Ignoring the noise around the game will help you win more often and as such, you will lose much less. Avoiding side bets, and well-timed tie bets are key. However, there is one other quirk we need to look at, and that is the ‘Banker’ bet!

Unfortunately, there is no fun in consistently betting on the banker. Admittedly it does take a lot of the fun out of the game.

Therefore, here are some tips to make the game more enjoyable:

  • Play different variations of baccarat to mix up your game
  • Master the probability of when a side bets might pay off
  • Master the probability of when a tie bet might pay off
  • Only switch to the player bet when you a potential pattern
  • Use different baccarat strategies suggested here

When you play baccarat, you need to weigh up fun versus consistency. On top of this, you also need to figure out a bet sizing and bankroll management strategy. Winning consistently does not always mean you will make a profit as far as cash or crypto is concerned. For example, some bet sizing strategies will see several wins wiped out by a loss.

As such, this guide is not there to tell you how to make more money playing baccarat, and simply here to help you understand the most consistent winning opportunities this exciting table game has to offer!

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