Jake Paul (-165) vs Nate Robinson (+135)

Preface: Huge NBA fan who actually was a fan of Nate when he was on the Celtics (loved his demeanor and him trolling Shaq), but I’m thinking Jake Paul is the easy bet for the following reasons:

  1. Jake Paul has been training for over 3 years and has been sparring non-stop according to various sources. https://youtu.be/aDVhBJv5MSI

  2. Height Advantage, Jake Paul at 6’1 and Nate Robinson at 5’9.

  3. Experience in the ring, I know he’s fought scrubs but it can only help him.

Can I get your opinions on this fight? I know they say Nate is a freak athlete but as a boxing fan I recognize that experience and training is always prioritized.

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