Lauren Santo Domingo On The Lesson She Learned From Her Supermodel Namesake

While Lauren Santo Domingo‘s calendar may be brimming with socially distanced engagements, fashion functions and the same boring work Zooms we all suffer through, the lifestyle icon still found time to pencil in a moment to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Taking to her Instagram, Lauren shared a sweet story about meeting one of her celebrity-namesakes, Lauren Hutton, the importance of holding back judgements, reaching out when you’ve been wrong, and the art of making someone feel special.

Basically, a fashion girl fable if you will.

Officially, I was named after my Aunt Laurel, but my mother once confessed she was also dazzled by Lauren Bacall & Lauren Hutton. As far as namesakes go these three are up there. My aunt Laurel is a research librarian which is equally aspirational.

Did you know that ‘Lauren’ wasn’t even a real name until 1944? Thats when Betty Joan Perske styled herself ‘Lauren Bacall’, she thought it had swank. I respect her knack for self-invention (her baritone voice was also practiced) and to this day my lucky number is 22, from the roulette table scene in ‘Casablanca’

Now from Lauren Hutton, I learned something more important, and I will share my story on #internationalwomensday

Many years ago I was a junior editor on a shoot with all the supermodels throughout the past few decades. From Lily Donaldson (the model of the moment) to Stephanie Seymour to Lauren Hutton.

I was alone with Lauren Hutton off-set and in a quiet moment I told her, I was sort-of, kind-of named after her. Her reply was cold and dismissive and I was immediately mortified for having said anything . I convinced myself I ruined my career and I would have relived that embarrassment in my mind for many years, torturing myself. I was also bummed that my dream girl was a total bitch.

My phone rang late that night. It was Lauren Hutton. She had found my name on the call-sheet, she wanted to explaine she was a bit nervous before being photographed and she was sorry if she was cold. We spoke for a bit about her career highs and lows and she asked me what I hoped to achieve in mine. She gave me, what felt like a big hug.

While I learned my lesson that day about having ‘boundaries’ I also learned from that phone call, that you never really know what anyone is going through at a particular moment, to be patient and not to judge people until you really truly get to know them.

I also learned it is never beneath you to pick up the phone, that it actually shows strength. Most importantly, she taught me to never miss the opportunity to make someone feel special, especially to someone who may look up to you.


[Photo via @thelsd]

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