Lisa V played Brandi like a Vegas slot machine

I’m rewatching Season 3 of Beverly hills and to watch each episode and how Lisa took advantage of Brandi is so obvious NOW, but I didn’t see it watching the first time so clearly:

  • Lisa has falling out with Adrienne

  • Lisa & Brandi room together on trip (this is where she obviously cooked up her plan)

  • Brandi starts spilling all Adriennes tea to the ladies (saying its because Adrienne lied about having a book deal ?)

  • Now Adrienne and Paul hate Brandi too – Lisa is loving it and definitely has told Brandi that she will have her back no matter what)

  • Kyle has dinner where Faye attacks Brandi for spreading lies (to back Adrienne) and Lisa defends Brandi (like she said she would) even though we are watching like LISA WTF?

  • Magically Lisa asks Brandi to meet with Sheanna so she can launch her new show. The ONLY reason she befriended Brandi in the first place.

It’s gross but she really played her perfectly into her clutches. Was I the only one who was kinda blind to it the first go around?

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