MGM Sports Betting Goof Gets Police Called

In addition to the fall in tourism and loss of revenue, the MGM sports betting app encountered some issues over the weekend which resulted in the Las Vegas police having to show up to keep the peace.

Metro Police were called to a multiple MGM properties around Las Vegas as angry bettors say MGM refused to their winning bets. It seemed that the companies app crashed right in the middle of the Super Bowl, but it later turned out that the glitch was caused by human error.

Reports stated that gamblers became angry at several of MGM’s sports books, and that resulted in the police entering the properties and threatening guests with being arrested and permanently banned form all MGM casinos.

The CEO of BetMGM, Adam Greenblatt, later confirmed that the outage was a mistake cause by an error, which is why the downtime was restricted to Nevada and not nationwide. “It was specific, and was the unfortunate result of a human error…” he said, “…it has been addressed.”

You can read more about the crash of the MGM sports betting app at 8 News Now Las Vegas.

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