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Online Casino Site is a place to conduct modern betting activities in cyberspace using internet intermediaries. Currently playing online casino has become a common activity among today’s society. Online betting is preferred for various reasons, ranging from practical, can be played anywhere and anytime, bonus systems and other benefits apply. In essence, there are more conveniences and advantages when playing casino online.

Exciting Online Casino Games with Playing Card Media

There are many kinds of online casino games. The media used also varies. This is the main attraction for each game. In a trusted casino site, bettors can play at all existing casino game lists with one account. So that players don’t easily feel bored when they have played. Well, this time we will share information about the types of games that use playing card media. What are the games? Check below.

1. Baccarat

The first game that uses playing cards is baccarat. This game is known to be the fairest since the first. Currently online baccarat is played with a live streaming feature to prevent the dealer from cheating. In this game, bettors must guess the player or banker camp that will be the winner. Or you can also guess the balance by placing a tie. In each baccarat game there will be a total of 9 decks, where each deck contains 1 set of playing cards. The highest value on this playing card casino bet is a value of 9. This game has been famous for a long time and has many fans from all over the world.


The second game with playing card media is blackjack or twenty one. This one game is very popular in Europe. To win in this bet, the player must create a card combination with a value of 21. The main enemy in blackjack betting is the dealer. As long as you can make a combination with a higher value than the bookie card, you will definitely get paid. For the value of the card used, namely, number cards have the same value, picture cards J, K, Q have the value of 10, and the aces have double values ​​that can be 1 or 11 depending on the pair of card combinations Including a very interesting and most exciting game in the online live casino category.

3. Poker

The third game using playing cards is poker. Poker is indeed a bet using playing card games. There are many that fall into the poker category. Starting from Texas Holdem Poker, Sakong, Super Ten, Capsa, and others. There are also those that include the qq poker game, which is using a domino or gaple card. Poker is one of the most exciting and challenging games among other types of online live casino betting games.

4. Dragon Tiger

The fourth game that uses playing card media is dragon tiger. This game is often referred to as the Asian bettors’ baccarat. This is because the rules of the game are very similar to baccarat, but are more popular in the Asian region. This bet comes from Cambodia or Thailand. So it’s no wonder that many bettors in Asia know about this game. For card values ​​and how to count them, it is the same as in baccarat betting.

Of the four lists above, all of them have their own uniqueness and characteristics. Which certainly provides its own excitement. So that’s info on online casino games that use playing card media. Hopefully it can broaden the knowledge of novice players regarding online shoal games.

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