Nick Chubb’s brilliant game-killing play cost gamblers, fantasy footballers

The code word is “No más.”

That was the directive at the end of the play call Kevin Stefanski sent to Baker Mayfield and that Mayfield relayed to Nick Chubb. For Chubb, it meant get the first down, but don’t score.

For fantasy football players and gamblers across the country, it meant heartbreak, curse words and disaster.

“I guess I feel bad from that aspect,” Chubb said of the gamblers he cost money and fantasy players he cost victories. “But we got the W. That’s what matters most.”

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There is so much to love about Chubb. He reminds me of Barry Sanders. Not so much the style; Sanders was a magician the way he could make guys miss. Chubb is all power and runs through tackles every week. But their quiet, unassuming nature is similar. Chubb doesn’t really celebrate touchdowns. He never pounds his chest to…

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