Nina Bychkova: The girl who boasts a life of luxury in Dubai.

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Nina Bychkova is a vibrant young lady hailing from Moscow. Her childhood was spent in Paris, the city of Fashion which justifies her classic yet chic sense of fashion. She lived there for almost two years of her life and then moved to Dubai wherein she began her entrepreneurial journey. Along with her business, she is also completing her education. Her hustle is in the industry that has perpetual growth. The Real Estate industry demands a complete understanding of each property’s pros and cons and using it to your benefit. Nina Bychkova’s network is unparalleled. If you are looking for a penthouse or a villa Nina Bychkova is your one-stop solution.

18-year-old Nina Bychkova became the talk of the town when she turned down the famous Footballer Neymar Junior. She lives a rich and alluring lifestyle in Dubai which is quite popular amongst her fans on all social media platforms. Her popularity on Instagram is quite impressive with almost 156k fans. Apart from her Real Estate Business and her education, she is also an expert when it comes to poker. Her professionalism and technique when come to poker is yet again unmatched. She has been playing poker in various casinos for the past two years when she was in Paris. Nina’s last win was 50 thousand dollar in poker . Apart from all this, Nina claims her primary interest as her leisure activity is in yoga and surfing. Electronic music is also what keeps the young heart beating.

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