[OC] A Quick Guide to Blackjack ♠️ ♥️ : IdentityV

If you are a hunter in the deciding round and your card are above 21 and you have enough chips don’t chase the survival instead wait until 10 seconds remains and remove one of your cards to make them 21.

If you have cards with high value 10,8,7 try buying the red card lvl 1 and use it on someone.

Choose hunters that can make half damage like gamekeeper, spider, bombon And don’t choose hunters like Joseph, gashia

Leave the blackjack player to the hunter, and if he wasn’t able to get him then you may use the red card lvl 3 or the yellow /orange lvl 3 in the last ten seconds

Don’t trust any player that use hell emper to kill blackjack player

In round 4 and above, stay away from all survivors they may throw cards on you

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