Official statement from YPD regarding Rake Chases in the GGNetwork

Dear Community,

we have received numerous messages from you across all channels.

As you all know, the GGNetwork rules have changed a bit since February 1st and because of this we had to end our popular rake chase at GGPoker and also the rake chase that was planned for Natural8 could not be carried out that way.

Now some of you have noticed that there are still some affiliates who simply ignore this rule for GGPoker or work with a skin of the network that does not communicate this correctly.

We assure you again that the same rules apply to all players/affiliates/skins of the GGNetwork. We at YourPokerDream always take this very seriously and stick to the rules, while some others don’t.

Of course, we fully understand your confusion and the many questions regarding rake races from other affiliates. Because of your many messages, we of course investigated the matter and also specifically asked about the rake chase of a competitor. Natural8 says that such a rake chase is completely okay, but that’s most probably because it hasn’t been communicated correctly internally.

If other affiliates will continue to ignore this rule and if also Natural8 will still say it’s fine then be sure that also we will run a Rake Chase for Natural8. But please understand that we will wait a few more days to see how all continues.

The new rules for a rake chase at all the GGNetwork are as follows:

1. There is no mention or proportional relation of prize to rake. (e.g. 30% value, 12.5% ​​value descriptors will no longer be allowed)

2. There must be a fixed prize guarantee like only $ 20.000$ in total can be paid via a Rake Chase for all players who participate in it.

3. Only a limited amount of players can receive a prize

This means that a rake chase like it was before is absolutely impossible to do. Rake chases per se are not completely prohibited, but it would only be feasible in a kind of race with a limited prize pool and a limited number of places to make sure that not every player receives automatically a prize.

The GGNetwork definitely does not want every player to receive some kind of fixed rakeback when he generates a certain amount of rake. But that was exactly the case with the rake chases that all affiliates offered before because absolutely every player received a prize depend on the target he reached. You can now discuss whether that makes sense and whether you can even call it rakeback.

Doesn’t matter because GG decided it is so and everyone has to accept it. It’s that simple!

We thank you for your understanding, and we hope that all open questions on this topic have now been clarified.

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