Ohio Governor: Sports Betting Is “Inevitable”

Ohio State CapitolThe Ohio state legislature failed at moving an activities gambling bill final session and does not have legislation presently into the works to legalize it into the session that is current. Regardless, the state’s governor believes that it’s coming soon.

In a press conference Monday, Gov. Mike DeWine said that legalized sports betting is “inevitable,” while alluding to the fact that his citizens are either betting in neighboring states or on unregulated offshore books that are online

“Sports betting is in Ohio. Our company is not managing it,” said DeWine. “This is simply one thing it’s coming to Ohio.”

The that I think is inevitable and House passed a sports bill that is betting 12 months, nonetheless it finally passed away into the Senate. Also without another bill circulating presently, DeWine proceeded to state that legislators are “working that process” and which he will consider in on any proposition during the time that is current

Ohio is surrounded by states with legal sports betting and DeWine could be worried about tax dollars leaving the state. The argument that is same utilized by a pro-gambling team that effectively pushed for expanded gambling in Nebraska.

Pennsylvania, Indiana, western Virginia and Michigan all have actually expanded gambling areas and sports that are legal of some sort. Michigan and Pennsylvania have all forms of gaming both online and at brick-and-mortar establishments.

Kentucky, Ohio’s neighbor to the south, is the state that is only it shares a border with that doesn’t have actually activities gambling. The state’s governor Andy Beshear, nevertheless, ended up being elected in component due to their pro-gambling campaign. Recently, he’s been outspoken about bringing activities gambling to your continuing state.

DeWine’s comments don’t necessarily mean that any legislation will come through, but when a politician makes a statement that is decisive this, it holds some fat. Final December, a Connecticut lawmaker stated activities betting was a lock to come quickly to their state in 2021. The us government consented to terms on a sports agreement that is betting among the two major tribes Tuesday afternoon.(*)

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