Online self-exclusion painful lesson

I decided to sign up for online self-exclusion in my home state of Indiana. I opted for the 1 year self exclusion while my fiance and I save up for our wedding. I thought, hey I’ll do this and it will limit any temptations to bet on sports online. I also chose the online route because it stated broadly that it was only for online gaming, but the fine print said otherwise and that it allowed other entities to ban you from their properties as they see fit.

Fast forward to March and I am supposed to spend one night of my bachelor party staying at Caesars Southern Indiana’s hotel and casino, but the problem is that I opened an old letter from Caesars stating that “we received your request to self-exclude from Indiana gaming, and have cone ahead and banned you from all of our properties.” This of course was not limited to only the casino and includes hotels and restaurants.

While the self-exclusion is probably very beneficial for some people, know what you are signing up for and hopefully others can learn from my painful lesson.

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