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I don’t dislike Watson at all. I just don’t understand the knob slobbering over him, and I think it’s pretty crappy he signed a huge deal w the team just 5mo ago (Sept 2020) and now wants out. Why sign that deal then?

I also don’t buy into the whole “But the Texans are toxic because Easterby!!” argument. That may be true. But Easterby was there for 18mo *before* Watson signed his contract. So that dynamic was already in place.

I guess I could ask you why you are such an apologist for him? Giving him a pass on all of this because “top 5 QB” or whatever. I get that you drool over him, but that’s not a great reason to ignore how he’s handling all of this.

Watson is a really good player and I openly wanted him in 2017’s draft. Thought he was awesome at Clemson. But the kid seems to think he’s entitled to stuff, and I don’t agree with it, and am not thrilled with how he’s handled this whole “Texans thing”

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