Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Dunk on NBA All-Star Game in Ad Rate War

The question of whether the NBA All-Star Game or Oprah’s tabloid-friendly interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would reign supreme on Sunday night has been asked and answered.

Though, LeBron James is not going to like the answer.

A 30-second ad for the interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle went for $325,000, while an ad of the same length during the NBA ASG went for $185,000, nearly doubling the NBA’s 30-second ad dollars.

The royals are interesting – primarily to women – for all the reasons that daytime television and the “Rich Housewives” shows are popular: It’s drama, intrigue, backstabbing, recriminations, all topped-off by a mix of regal arrogance and wealth.

What is the NBA bringing to the table?

Well, there’s the ever-present disrespect shown to the flag and our country. Coupled with the constant reminders of the league’s “dedication” to the cause of racial and social justice, while they make billions off of their relationship with a communist country that uses slave labor.

And what are they bringing on All-Star night?

NBA players didn’t even want to play in this game, the league told fans not to attend, and the mayor of Atlanta told people not to come.

Sounds like a party right?!

The fact of the matter is the NBA is a watchable product only if there’s nothing else even remotely interesting on TV. It’s a great sport, but a third-rate league that was never a threat to the NFL despite ESPN’s best efforts to make it appear as though they were.

Now, in addition to that, LeBron James has transformed the association into the most woke and most hypocritical sports league in America, and that’s saying something.

Enjoy getting beaten out by a soap opera NBA, you earned it.

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