Roulette Myths Debunked –

(12/8) Out of all the physical land-based casino games out there Roulette has got to be one of the most dynamic and exciting. It is also one that pretty much anybody can play with a fairly good knowledge of what they are doing due to its simplicity. Place your bets and then let the wheel of chance decide your fate – there isn’t too much more to it, is there?

It may seem that way, but once you get further into a game of Roulette you will quickly realise that there is more than one advanced tactic to be used. Of course, wherever there is a more elaborate online roulette guide being mentioned there is also a tendency to have a large number of falsehoods and myths that come along with it. These are important to identify, if not you could find yourself negatively impacted by them. Read on for some popular
roulette myths debunked.

The Martingale Supremacy

Many keen and experienced gamblers swear by the martingale betting method, in which you double your bet after every loss in order to eventually make your money back and more. Here is the thing though, whilst it could theoretically work in your favour, there is also a huge probability that it will not. And if this happens you will be much more out of pocket.

It is never a good idea to chase your losses, and using the martingale method during Roulette is something we really do not recommend. Too many people have used it and ended up losing a ton of money; if that is not proof for this myth being debunked we don’t know what is.

Sticking To The Same Bet

There is quite the variety of bet types on offer whilst playing Roulette – will you bet numbers, colours, or perhaps a mixture? Whatever you do it is important to use logic and your gut feeling in equal measure when making the decision. But it is also important not to box yourself into one particular type of betting.

It is a common myth that Roulette gamblers should stick with the same kind of bet if they are consistently winning. But really this makes little difference, it is a game of chance after all, and you are just as likely to win on the same type of bet as you are on a different one. Don’t get pigeonholed!

The Past Influences The Future

Okay, in reality the past really does influence the future, there is no arguing that. But in the game of Roulette it is important to leave this idea behind, because it does not ring true whilst playing the game. It can be very tempting to dismiss a certain number or colour after the ball has landed on it a few times in a row – logically it cannot happen again right?

Wrong. At the very core of Roulette is simple physics, the ball lands where it does not because of any kind of divine intervention or logic; it is simply following the rules of physics. So to think that it cannot land on a number too many times is just silly, don’t let this influence your decision!

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