Showtime Omaha coming to PokerStars

Showtime Omaha MTTs are next

The folks at pokerfuse have once again discovered a new format on its way from PokerStars – Showtime Omaha.

Showtime Hold’em launched a few years ago and when a player folds, their cards are displayed to the players left in the hand. With twice as many cards to be shown in Omaha, this could be a really fascinating format.

It is currently being trialled in Italy as an MTT format, no doubt as a test before it rolls out globally.

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Chess grandmaster wins Super High Roller

A lot of poker players play chess and vice versa, and today we have a contender for the best overall player in both formats.

Chess Grandmaster Ottomar Ladva turned a $500 satellite into a $25,000 Super High Roller win worth $525,089 this week.

A feat Mike McDonald suggested might make him the best crossover player between the two games.

WPT title won on smartphone

The last year has seen a lot of people win titles normally reserved for live poker from the comfort of their home, but this is perhaps the first time somebody has become a World Poker Tour champion via a smartphone.

‘DannyAce66’ won the WPT Spring Festival Main Event playing on ‘Poker King’, a smartphone app for players in Asia.

He won ¥1,750,000 ($270,305) and one of the most coveted titles in poker, and for all we know he could have been sat on the bus or walking his dog while he did it.

What cost more the plate or the car?

Finally, it seems like Ryan Fee either placed a big bet on Doug Polk or possibly had a piece of him in his $1.2 million win over Daniel Negreanu……

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