So, about Coils and the MSQ Roulette.

First time poster, and long time lurker! There will be slight spoilers.

While I was pushing my alt through ShB some time ago I had hit the wall that directed me to finish CT. This irked me at first. I had my alts made to only unlock ShB content to make their daily roulettes dish out only current tomestones. Then, I remembered way back when I started this game back in HW. I was enthralled by the story until Alisaie popped up. I had completely forgotten she existed, and I felt like I must have missed an entire questline. Turns out I did. I, as a new player starting in HW, was never directed to do the Binding Coils in any way. A set of instances that I argue hold more importance to the MSQ than CT. I didn’t even KNOW that story existed until SB when an fcmate ran it with me.

I was floored! So much story and context that changed my second, third, fourth.. (okay it’s been a few times >>) run through the msq.

Now, what does this have to do with MSQ Roulette? Well, we can agree Praetorium and Castrum are unique instances that do not fit into any of the other DF categories, but exist to facilitate the completion of the MSQ for new players by enticing older players to que with juicy exp.

What about slipping Coils in somehow during the lull periods of the ARR post-50 msq? I’m not entirely sure how or where, but it would also help break up a lot of the monotony. They could be added to MSQ Roulette to expand the variety, and keep the story flow for new players moving on from ARR to HW. Also, who doesn’t want more Alisaie? (Old and bad voice acting aside).

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