The Efficacy of Responsible Gambling Measures in NSW Clubs: the Gamblers’ Perspective …

In 2000, the New South Wales Government legislated for gambling venues, including
registered clubs, to implement certain responsible gambling measures. Many clubs also
have introduced some voluntary strategies, including those contained in the Clubsafe
program developed by Clubs NSW. However, no evidence exists that such measures are
effective in minimising harm and protecting consumers in gambling. This paper addresses
this gap in knowledge. Members from ten large Sydney clubs were surveyed to assess
the level of awareness of their clubs’ responsible gambling measures, how adequate
they considered these measures to be, and whether these measures had changed their
gambling behaviour in terms of frequency, expenditure and gambling session length.
Comparisons are drawn between ‘problem’ and ‘recreational’ gamblers to inform a more
grounded approach to responsible conduct of gambling, one that is better targeted
at those most at risk of gambling-related harm.

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