The gambling industry: A review of 2020 so far

When I look back on 2020, I think about what I’ve done most this year. And that is sitting in my home office, writing, working – and using Microsoft Teams.

When I therefore think about something that sums this year up most, I can’t help but think of Teams and my most-used GIF of 2020.

In this GIF, a pug turns away in disgust to say ‘PFFFF’ – something he has become famous for within our virtual office. He looks a little like the pug in our picture (left), with just a bit of added sass.

The fact I am writing about GIFs at all is in itself a reflection of 2020. Never have I sent more than this year, working from home, returning to the virtual environment and speaking all day on Microsoft Teams rather than face to face.

It is natural, too, that this disconcerted, frustrated pug has been my biggest go-to on Teams. It has not been a good year; it has not been a happy one. Indeed, perhaps our hero can sum it up best: PFFFF.

For me personally, 2019 was the best year of my life: I got married and work was full of success,…

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