TVBET Signs Partnership with Alavara Digital to Enter Turkey

Provider of live streaming games TVBET announced a new strategic partnership to expand its global footprint by entering the market in Turkey.

Establishing Market Presence in Turkey

TVBET partnered with software services provider for the betting industry Alavara Digital to allow the company to offer TVBET’s product suite, besides the online and offline betting services on a turnkey basis Alavara has been supplying to its customers since 2000.

A subsidiary of Conseptmedia, Alavara Digital offers casino operators and sportsbooks software solutions and supports the full integration for the products it supplies. The addition of TVBET’s portfolio of products which would feature 8 games certified by Gaming Labs International (GLI), 1Bet,5Bet, 7Bet, Lucky6, JokerBet, WheelBet, War of Elements and FruitRace, would further boost the product offering of Alavara and allow fair and transparent results.

GLI certification is only applicable to web-based software products, yet the growing demand for TVBET’s products integrated into the platforms of casinos and sports betting operators prove the value the company brings to its business partners.

Product Allure Ensures Market Expansion

Well known for the high image quality, uninterrupted broadcasting on a 24/7 basis and attractive interface, TVBET’s games offer fast pace of gaming supported by simple rules and a wide range of betting options to over 170 partners worldwide.

Using the latest technology and powered by random number generation (RNG) mechanics, TVBET’s GLI-certified games help the supplier of live games to instill a positive client attitude and player confidence in the results, Peter Korpusenko, chief executive officer of TVBET explained.

Establishing market presence in Turkey via the partnership deal with Alavara Digital is following TVBET’s recent entries in Italy and Malta, two destinations where the company managed to certify 5 of its games, and is continuing to expand TVBET’s European footprint.

In December last year, TVBET entered into a partnership deal with LionsBet to expand its reach in Africa and provide the operator with exceptional live gaming content to help it gain the edge over its local competitors. According to the deal TVBET signed with LionsBet, the African partner would get access to the award-winning portfolio of the live streaming games provider with all 12 GLI-certified products.

Last year brought industry recognition for TVBET which managed to fend off competition from around 100 other brands and individuals to win the 2020 Login Casino “Best Provider of Live Games” award.

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