Types of Poker Players Personality in Casino Games


When most players sit down to play against their opponents, it can sometimes be challenging especially with fierce poker games like Texas Hold’em. Understanding the different types of techniques, players, and styles in a game is very essential because it gives an idea of how to take up an opponent.

Here are some of the common tiles used in the poker community to describe different types of players and their playing styles at https://biggreenweek.com/.

Calling Station/Fish

The calling station or fish is generally used to describe a player that continuously calls bets but hardly raises irrespective of their hand strength. These categories of players are often pleased for their playing with lucky cards that come in the course of the game.


The glacial opposite of the Calling station players is the Rock or Nit. It is a player who is reluctant to take risks and plays strictly the best hands in good range setups. Nits are usually happy to sit back and wait for the best hands and will prefer to stay without playing if it gets to that. They usually play just the; Aces, Kings, Queens, and at times, AK.


New players are referred to as newbies while players who have not yet mastered the game or those who do not want to learn more on their own are often referred to as a noob.

What is the main difference between a Noob and a Newbie? Well, Newbies have the zeal to learn plus the intelligence but they lack experience and usually guilty of being gullible. Noobs, on the other hand, refers to a player that has no intelligence and experience but is indifferent and reluctant to learn new strategies to improve their game.

The Maniac

Maniacs are considered this way because they play almost all hands and raise or re-raise with any two cards being played in the game. These categories of players are responsible for the action in the game. Players can enjoy different types of poker games at biggreenweek.com.

Having the personality of a maniac sounds easy but they are usually a major threat to a name because they are quite aggressive and will test their opponents, adding several swings to a bankroll.

Mr. ABC Poker

ABC Poker is a term generally used on players who play by the rules without any complications and in a clear way. This type of poker is generally played by players who surpass novices or noobs. They know how to raise the huge blind card structures and they are typically all about blind game setups.


Poker players with the personality of a shark are considered the big players because they are quite good in all aspects of the game and can fix their play to battle with players of different personalities.

Players who happen to sit in a game with sharks are fond of asking themselves what the sharks are up to because they are really good in the game. One thing that puts sharks ahead of others is their ability to read the minds of others.

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