UKGC issue Guidance on How to Block Gambling Transactions with Bank Accounts

Following on from the news we featured last week here on Casinomeister that the UK facing online bank Monzo called for the British Government to force all banks to provide a facility for customers to block all and any gambling transactions, the UK Gambling Commission this morning have produced a guide for players on how to go about such a process.

In the easy to follow guide published here on the new beta version of the UKGC’s site, the Gambling Commission lists all UK facing banks that currently provide a service and facility that allow their customers to block within a couple of clicks all gambling transactions.

What is heartening to know is that all the main high street banks in the UK allow customers to block gambling transactions when logged into their online banking. In addition several of the banks also provide links to Gamban, which enables customers to block all gambling sites from their internet devices.

However, Gamban whilst free for residents of the UK, does charge non UK residents an annual fee of £24.99. Whilst a good service, should you be looking for an app that will close off access to all gambling sites, we can recommend Bet Blocker, which does the same as Gamban by restricting access to currently over 6,000 sites, but does not charge a fee.

Additionally if you find that your gambling is getting out of control, please be sure to check out the responsible gambling page here on Casinomeister. Where you will find links to helpful resources and information on how to manage your gambling budget, which in turn will help enable you to take back control.

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