Unforgettable Blackjack Movie Scenes

When it comes to casino movie scenes, you know the result with be either a huge win or a major disaster. The suspense, drama and deceit in games of Blackjack create tension and makes for memorable movie moments, whether playing for high-stakes at the grandest casinos, or some seedy underground location.

Blackjack is as exciting as the movies show, even though it is inaccurate when the scenes show that blackjack players always win. However, if you follow the precise strategy for games like double attack blackjack you can raise your chances of a win. Meanwhile, here are some unforgettable Blackjack movie scenes that will leave you with a new respect for blackjack players:

Celebrating his stag party in Las Vegas, a group of friends wake up to find the groom missing. They believe he has been kidnapped by a gangster, which leads to a short blackjack scene, in with the friends count cards at an extraordinary rate in order to win USD80,000 for ransom money to rescue the lost groom. The scene is realistic and tense, but also funny. The movie was such a success that two further movies following. You need to watch the movie to see how it ends.

Whilst James Bond is best known for playing baccarat, in License to Kill he challenges casino owners and lead villain to a game of blackjack, securing a massive win in the process. The cinematography is considered one of the most memorable sequences in contemporary movie history and when combined with suspense and an action-packed storyline it is easy to see why License to Kill is one of the best movies from the Bond franchise.

Probably the most famous blackjack scene in any movie is the one in Rain Man. Here, the movie does not accurately portray card-counting, but it certainly captures the intensity of card counting in the casinos of Las Vegas in which the two brothers, played by Dustin Hoffman (Raymond) and Tom Cruise (Charlie), win more than USD86,000. Charlie is only using his brother to gain money, which makes Raymond’s eagerness to please him an emotional drama. The movie is considered to be an inspiration for modern casino dramas.

This movie is all about blackjack, which makes choosing just one scene a challenge. Inspired by the real-life MIT Blackjack Team, the movie features six MIT students trained to be experts in card counting. The movie is a thrilling expose of morality and ethics at the casino tables in Sin City and probably the best scene is when one of the players goes full tilt, and in the process, loses several thousand dollars.

If you want to experience blackjack from the dealers’ perspective, this movie starring Clive Owen is outstanding, showing the vulnerable side of gambling.The movie shows much of the less-glamorous side of blackjack, all played for gritty realism.

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