United Kingdom: Johnson ‘asked for review of gambling law after party with Tory donor’ – CDC …

Boris Johnson asked ministers to review gambling laws after attending a party with Tory donor and lottery boss Richard Desmond, private letters have revealed.

Correspondence obtained by The Times through the Freedom of Information Act shows that the Prime Minister wrote to Mr Desmond about his campaign to raise jackpots to £1 million.

The former media mogul, 69, owns the Health Lottery – a group of 12 local society lotteries which donates 20 per cent of proceeds to health-related causes.

Society lotteries, those which are run for good causes, are limited to jackpots of £500,000. The government increased the cap from £400,000 in 2019, but Mr Desmond has been calling for it to be increased to £1 million.

In a letter in January 2020, Mr Johnson assured Mr Desmond that he had tasked ministers with holding a review of the limit, calling the Health Lottery ‘hugely impressive.’



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