US sports betting boom intensifies competition for Nevada – CDC Gaming Reports

The sports wagering business isn’t just about bookmakers and bettors handicapping games these days.

It’s about casino operators, strategic alliances, broadcast and podcast partners, sports teams, sports leagues, stadiums, technology and being the official “fill-in-the-blank” of a gaming company.

Every state is different.

There are different rules and regulations, a wide array of tax rates and a variety of venue in commercial casinos, tribal casinos, lotteries, card rooms and horse and dog tracks.

It’s a requirement to have a retail outlet in some states or being allowed to be exclusively online in others. It’s signing up for a mobile app in person, as they require in Nevada, or submitting a form online, as they do in New Jersey.

And it’s constantly evolving. If you haven’t been paying attention to the sports-betting industry lately, things have been changing as rapidly as a football game’s outcome after a successful Hail Mary.

Just last week alone, two unrelated events occurred that could eventually have an effect on sports wagering in Nevada.



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