Vietnam Adds Major Soccer Leagues To Sportsbooks

  • Vietnam is expanding its soccer betting odds selections, adding the EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, and UEFA.
  • The Ministry of Finance is also adding more payment methods for bettors, including paying over the phone or using e-wallets.
  • Changes may also be coming to the axiom daily wagering limits as well.

HANOI, VietnamSports betting in Vietnam is expanding in a major way thanks to the government pushing for more betting options.

Originally one could only wager on the FIFA World Cup, but with that major sporting event taking place once a year, Vietnam was suffering from gaps in revenue.

Now sports betting is expanding to other European soccer leagues as well as increasing the number of deposit options available to Vietnamese sports bettors.

Soccer Betting Expansion

Soccer bettors in Vietnam are getting some good news as the government is increasing the wagering options available.

Vietnam players will be able to now bet on major soccer leagues like the English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, and UEFA.

In a draft bill, the Minister of Finance expressed that only betting during the FIFA World Cup was a restrictive practice. Going forward, Vietnam wants more annual events in order to curate more bettors.

The draft bill is also pushing to expand payment methods to digital wallets and prepaid cards as well as the ability to wager over the phone.

The Ministry is also looking to increase the daily betting maximum, which is currently $43.

Although Vietnam legalized sports betting in 2017, outside of online sportsbooks there is no way to legally bet on sports in the country.

Vietnam has yet to issue out any betting licenses to locale sportsbooks. Local gambling operators are hesitant to apply for a license, which requires bookmakers to have minimum of $43.3 million in capital.

With the new expansion on sports betting, the government hopes that the fears of recouping their investment will be eased by the new proposals.

The bill has yet to be confirmed by the government, as the voting stage must be completed before anything is official. In the meantime, legal betting sites will continue to supply all Vietnamese players will odds and betting lines.

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