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Meghan Mccain

Meghan McCain is a well-known American columnist, blogger, author, radio personality, and TV host, best known for her contribution to ‘Fox News.’ She began her career as a blogger and caught media attention for her political views. Her strong support toward the LGBT community and sex education made headlines. People also believed that she was homosexual. She put an end to the rumors about her being gay after she got married in 2017. She has authored books such as ‘My Dad, John McCain’ (2008), ‘Dirty Sexy Politics’ (2010), and ‘America, You Sexy Bitch: A Love Letter to Freedom’ (2012). She has also appeared on TV shows such as ‘House of Lies’ (2012), ‘TakePart Live’ (2013), and ‘Outnumbered’ (2016). She currently appears as a co-host on the popular American talk show ‘The View.’ She is the 21st co-host of the show. She is also a contributor on ‘ABC News’ shows such as ‘Good Morning America’ and ‘This Week.’ Meghan is regarded as a controversial woman for her refusal to accept labels and the stereotypical image of women. She is known to clash with political figures and has remained fearless throughout her career.

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