What Are BetMGM’s One Game Parlays And How Do They Work?

The most common type of parlay bet for many years was one that combined different fixtures together into a single multiple-selection bet, such as predicting the outcome of several NFL or NBA games from a particular day.

However, with BetMGM Sportsbook, you can now engage in a different type of parlay bet. These are One Game Parlay bets and they are somewhat different to the multiple-fixture parlay bets that most bettors are familiar with.

In this article, we are going to explain what these bets are, how you can place them at BetMGM and why they are a particularly appealing form of parlay bet.

One Game Parlay Bets

As you will be well aware, when you look at the different markets available on a sporting fixture, you willoften find that there is a massive choice available to you. This is particularly true for major sports, such as NBA or NFL games as well as big soccer games around the world.

With One Game Parlay Bets, you can combine selections from a single game into a parlay bet on that game. At BetMGM, you can combine selections from the winner, total and a number of different player props markets to make a parlay bet on a particular fixture.

Currently, the site offers this type of betting on NBA and Soccer games, although it has also offered them on the NFL too.

Why Would I Want To Make A One Game Parlay Bet?

The answer to that is quite simple. By combining different selections for your One Game Parlay bet with BetMGM, you will increase the overall odds at which your bet pays out considerably. Generally speaking, the more selections a parlay bet has, the greater the odds of the bet will likely be.

The other beneficial aspect of these bets is that you are not waiting on the outcome of two or more games to be decided before your bet is declared a winner or loser. With a One Game Parlay bet, you will know the outcome of the bet as soon as the game the bet has been made on is finished.

How Can I Place a One Game Parlay Bet With BetMGM Sportsbook?

There are essentially two ways you can place a One Game Parlay bet with BetMGM.

The first is to use any of the many different One Game Parlay bets that the bookmaker will make available for its customers to access each day (above). Every day, BetMGM will scour through the fixtures taking place over the world and put together some enticing One Game Parlay bets on the big games that day.

You can have a look through these options and decide if there is one that catches your eye. You can always see the odds of these bets too, so you know exactly what your return will be if the bet is a winner.

Another option, which may appeal more to punters that are used to this form of betting, is to log into your account and put together your own One Game Parlay bet.

This is perfectly acceptable, provided that your selections for the bet can be accepted as a One Game Parlay bet. If you have selections that are not compatible, then you won’t be able to place the bet as a parlay bet until they are removed or replaced on the bet slip with markets that are.

Our screenshots show some of the popular One Game Parlay bets that were available on the day this article was created, but they are updated regularly on the site to ensure that there are always plenty of choices available for BetMGM customers for this type of bet.

Can One Game Parlay Bets Be As Lucrative As Standard Parlay Bets?

Absolutely. You can put together an equally long odds One Game Parlay bet as you can a standard multi-fixture parlay bet.

However, the same maxim applies here in that the more selections you add to a bet, especially the longer the odds on those selections, then the more difficult it tends to be to land this type of bet successfully.

Parlay betting is very popular all over the world and One Game Parlay betting is proving really popular, so if you have not already tried it out, why not give it a shot today?

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