What are the Most Popular Casino Games in India?

India has a long and varied history of gambling games. There are various stories of courtiers and kings playing such games together in the royal courts, and even some accounts that some of our modern games today are descended from the versions played a few hundred years ago. There are even examples of gambling in Indian mythology – in the epic Mahabharata, one of the pivotal acts of the story is when Yudhishtir, the crown prince and the eldest of the five Pandava brothers, is tricked into giving away his riches, his kingdom and even his wife by his uncle, due to his love of gambling and the game of dice. Thus, even though gambling may be illegal as an activity in the country today, it is quite popular and you will find a lot of Indians looking to gamble whenever possible, either online or in person. One of the sites where such games can be found is livecasinoreports.com, with a number of suitable games for Indian players to try.

India has a few locations where gambling is allowed, with Goa and Sikkim being two of them, and so here we will talk about some of the most popular casino games in India.


The roulette wheel has become synonymous with gambling all over the world, and that is the case in India as well, where roulette is one of the most popular games played in casinos in Goa.


Another globally popular games, blackjack has many fans in the country, and it is actually quite similar to some local card games, making it easy to pick up for Indians.

Teen Patti

This is perhaps the most popular card game in India, which has multiple versions as well. As the name suggests, it is a three card game.

Indian Rummy

Indian Rummy is a variant of Rummy that is immensely popular, not just in India but all over South Asia. There are quite a few versions such as Points Rummy, Deals Rummy and Pool Rummy, while anywhere from two to six players can play a game together.

Texas Hold’em Poker

Card games are the most popular variant of casino games in India, and poker is one of them. It is the Texas Hold’em variant that is the most played, both online as well as in casinos.

Andar Bahar

This is another local card game that is prevalent all over the country, and it is also known as Katti in some parts of India. The game is available online now as well at some online casinos.


As stated earlier, Texas Hold’em is the most popular version of poker in India, but the other versions are played as well. These include stud poker, draw poker and community card poker, while five card poker, and especially three-card poker, are played quite a lot too, largely due to the fact that they are very similar to Teen Patti.

These are some of the most popular card and casino games that you can expect to see in India, whether online or at land-based casinos in Goa, Sikkim and elsewhere in the country.

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