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How TV Bingo Has Shifted Into The Online World

It’s believed that bingo was first played in Italy, circa 1530 – almost 500 years ago. As you can imagine, things have moved on a bit since then, and today there are various ways that bingo-lovers indulge in their favourite game.

In-person events, television bingo, and online bingo are just some of the popular ways to get together in play. Some play for fun, some for charity, some for cash, and some a bit of all three. TV bingo was once one of the more popular ways to play, but with the increased adoption of the internet, it has made way for online bingo. Read on to find out more!

TV Bingo

Many moons ago, live television bingo was a thing. For those that couldn’t get to live bingo events, or just didn’t want to, tuning into the TV to play was the only option. In the days before mobile phones and WiFi, people were limited in terms of interactive gaming experiences.

As a result, televised bingo was born. Televised bingo is operated and then televised on live TV. Viewers watch and place in real-time and can win real cash prizes. Some are organised for charity, others for profit. Some operators ask players to buy their bingo cards from specialised outlets to enable them to play. Users can then call in when they get a full house.

Depending on where you are and which service you are using, there are different methods for TV gameplay. While this type of gaming was popular, thanks to the internet, a new way of playing is taking hold.

Online Bingo

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TV bingo was great for a while but due to new technological developments, online and internet-based bingo is certainly considered the future. Most of us, even grandma and grandpa, now have mobile devices or tablets that are connected to the internet. What’s more, mobile access to online casinos and bingo games is increasing and is set to soon replace PC and laptop access.

Being able to play jackpot bingo games from a mobile phone with an internet connection is much more convenient than TV bingo. You don’t need to buy a bingo card, have a TV, be sat in front of a TV, or make phone calls to claim your prizes. Instead, players just log on, select the game they want to play, and take it from there. Deposits and payouts are made directly into the player’s bank account, making the whole process much more enjoyable.

There are still some that prefer playing TV bingo or haven’t yet discovered online bingo games, but these numbers are expected to dwindle in the near future. In fact, bingo providers are looking for more innovative ways to grow the online bingo sector, including virtual reality, live bingo dealers, and the use of streaming platforms such as Zoom.

TV bingo hasn’t disappeared quite yet, and there are still various TV bingo services available depending on where you live. But it does seem that the way forward is via online platforms. Of course, aside from online bingo games, there is a space for moving TV bingo onto live streaming platforms and offering it via the internet instead of terrestrial boxes. For those that love bingo, technology is providing more and more ways to access, enjoy, and connect with other bingo lovers!



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